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The Bayfield People & Canine Community (P.A.C.C.) is a group of responsible dog owners and volunteers seeking an outdoor space in our community to socialize and play off leash. Bayfield People and Canine Community, Inc. (Bayfield PACC) is a registered not-for-profit in Ontario with a volunteer executive management team and volunteer board of directors. Bayfield PACC is supported by an active group of responsible dog owners and volunteers in the community and by like-minded friends of Bayfield PACC on Facebook and Instagram.

We rely on members, volunteers and support from the local community to continue growth and development of this off-leash dog park. We welcome collaboration with all residents, dog owners, businesses, and organizations to work toward this shared public benefit.

As a non-profit organization, Bayfield PACC is required to designate an executive board. Their 2023 slate of officers has Jeff Kish as President, Peter Brent as Vice-President, Susan Easton as Treasurer, and Janet Deline as Secretary. The group also includes a number of enthusiastic board members who assist in organizing various activities throughout the year.


The Bayfield P.A.C.C. exists to create opportunities for exercise and socialization for people and their dogs; enhance positive relationships between dog owners and the community, and promote responsible dog ownership through educational and recreational activities.


The Bayfield P.A.C.C. envisions a safe, inclusive, and well-maintained off-leash environment for canine and human residents and visitors to Bayfield.


The Bayfield P.A.C.C is guided and inspired by the following values:


We believe that dogs and their humans benefit from socialization. Opportunities for dogs to interact with one another is an essential part of their healthy development. People build new, and strengthen existing, relationships with one another while watching their pups play.

Self-Responsibility & Respect

We recognize the responsibility we have for ourselves and our pets. Our members are committed to picking up after our animals and cleaning up other waste. We are responsible for the behaviour of our animals and for providing adequate exercise and social development opportunities for our pets.


We believe that dogs need a secured and fenced-in place where they can run free, play, and train with each other and their owners. A designated, organized area with rules and etiquette improves safety for dogs and humans alike!


We believe that dogs and their owners benefit from daily exercise, time outside, and interaction with others. An accessible and inclusive off-leash park provides opportunities for outdoor recreation for all human and canine residents and visitors.

Education & Training

We know that in addition to exercise, dogs require training and other care. First-time dog owners, visitors to Bayfield, and others benefit from a community of support through the sharing of tips, tricks, experiences, and local resources online and in person.

Giving Back

We love where we live, work, and play and it’s important to us to contribute to a vibrant and sustainable community. The Bayfield P.A.C.C. participates in a variety of events, like Earth Day clean-ups, and other opportunities.

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Bayfield PACC

Bayfield People & Canine Community

We gratefully acknowledge that we live, work, and play on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe and Missisauga Peoples.

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